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About us TranAm

Founded in 1976, TranAm Ltd, in partnership with Duell, stands as the UK’s most distinguished wholesaler of premium motorcycle clothing, pet clothing and ski wear. In 2019, through our brands Bikerheadz, Houndheadz and Snowheadz, we transformed the concept of wholesaling with a pioneering digital platform.

Dedicated to simplifying processes for consumers and dealers alike, we have now enhanced our offering in 2024 for an even better experience.

As a consumer, you can explore our world-class range of premium clothing and accessories on our interactive platform, find out more at www.bikerheadz.co.ukwww.houndheadz.co.uk, and www.snowheadz.co.uk, and locate the nearest stockist from our expansive network of over 500 specialist dealers.

Our social channels offer you updates on new products, exclusive releases, and behind-the-scenes peeks at TranAm HQ.

For retailers, our platform is a timesaving solution, handling tasks like social media post creation, website management, brochure creation, and online advertising. We engage your customers and steer them to your doorstep, providing valuable content for your own website as well.

Our engaging YouTube channel offers detailed reviews and 360 videos for each product on our 3 sites. With a proud biker and pet owner majority in our team and over 45 years of industry experience, we hope to provide both customers and retailers with a memorable experience.

For high-quality brands seeking exclusive distribution in the UK and Ireland, please reach out to info@tranam.co.uk. We’re always keen to expand our product offerings!

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We’d love to hear from you! Send us a message using the contact form, or give us a call on 01425 620580